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James Pearson helps law firms focus on their practice and clients by providing the guidance and mentorship they need to navigate the difficult landscape. Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and out of your depth regarding technology and cybersecurity?

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My four core focus points are education and training (including CLE credits), technology planning and assessment, proactive security and protection from ransomware and data breaches, and IT support sales.
~ James Pearson, President and Author


Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conference Speaker

James Pearson

President & Author

My name is James Pearson, and I am an I.T. Nerd, CEO, Author, and Speaker. You may know me from the Multiple CLE courses I’ve done for the Wisconsin Bar Association, my articles in The Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine, or you may have seen one of my cybersecurity presentations at the Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conferences. I’ve also been a regular guest on WCLO and have written three books, two specifically for the legal industry.


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Helping lawyers overcome the technology trap. Law firms of all sizes need someone they can trust to help them with technology. I provide education, guidance, and support so that they can sleep easier at night knowing their data is safe.