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  • We offer a priority support hotline answered live 24x7x365!
  • We have a dedicated in-house support team.
  • We literally wrote the book on cyber security for law firms.
  • Earn pre-approved CLE credits with our in-person and on-demand training.
  • We are proficient in your practice management software.

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9 Reasons Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Law Firms Choose The Computer Center to Support their Firms


We are well versed in law firm software. Unlike other IT firms that don’t specialize in working with Law firms, we know how to keep your billing, documented and practice management software running. If you use an application like Worldox, Tabs3, Time Matters, or PracticeMaster, we've got you covered.


CLEs and training. We started as a technology training company in 1983 and that focus hasn't changed. We are the only IT company in the area with a dedicated training room and video production equipment which allows us to provide you and your staff with pre-approved CLE credits, in person and on-demand, all around your busy schedule.


Technology to help you scale your firm. We’ve built our solutions to scale up, or down, with your firm. Our cloud solutions, hardware as a service, and scalable support models mean you’ll never pay more than you need to.


Billable hours and productivity. We know that you only have so many hours in the day and each minute spent dealing with the headaches and frustrations caused by technology reduces your billable hours and cuts into profits. Unlike other technology companies that measure their success on response times, we measure ours by working proactively in the background, so you don’t have to call us! Our goal is to have less than 3% of your tickets be related to issues stopping you from getting your work done!


We literally wrote the book on law firm security. We understand the unique risks and challenges of protecting you and your client's data, while managing costs. Learn more in James Pearson’s book Essential Cyber Security: Protecting You and Your Client’s Data from Cyber Attacks, Hackers and Identity Thieves Without Breaking the Bank.


We don't "set it and forget it". Our staff, real humans in our office, monitor your systems. We don't install a piece of software and rely on it to do everything right (which rarely happens). We actively look at your network's health each day and take proactive steps to make sure things are running smoothly. Much like the work that our law firm partners do, we believe it's more cost effective to be proactive than react to a bad situation.


We Have a dedicated, in-house support team. We were the first IT company in Rock County to implement a fully dedicated, in-house support system. Unlike our competition that may not even answer their phones live, outsources this to someone overseas, or doesn't have anyone even available because their engineers are off site, we’ve built a support system that will knock your socks off! Not only do we answer our phones live, we have a dispatcher whose job is to connect you with an engineer to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. We always have someone in-house to take incoming support issues, so we resolve your issues faster than our competition.


Your downtime is not an option. If you can't work, you can't bill. That's why our key priority is keeping your firm running smoothly. We do this by designing a solution for your firm to not only back up your data, but get you back up and running in the event of a disaster - natural or otherwise. Our priority phone number is answered live 24x7x365 for the fastest resolution to your issues.


Fixed right the first-time guaranteed. We pride ourselves on getting things done right the first time. We start by understanding what really needs to be done, and then making sure we accomplish that. And, when problems do occur, our 100% fixed right the first-time guarantee makes sure that you don't pay for anything you shouldn't.

See what other law firms are saying about us...

A Life Saver for My Business!  Eliminated Down Time and Increased Billable Hours!

The Computer Center has really been a lifesaver for my law firm!  In the past, with other IT firms, we frequently had issues and emergencies which would bring our firm to a grinding halt while we waited for them to be resolved.  Then, I would get a big, unexpected bill.  This process was stressful for our firm.

When I looked at what we had been spending on our IT, compared to what The Computer Center charges me, I found that the costs were comparable but with The Computer Center our computer systems work better, things are dealt with pro-actively, we don’t have emergencies, and they’ve eliminated down time.  Our office can finally focus on getting our legal work done, increasing our billable hours, rather than dealing with chronic computer problems and downtime.  I feel that the Computer Center has provided us with the ability to compete with much larger law firms and level the playing field.

Scott Schroeder Attorney

Affordable Service that Benefits our Firm and Clients.

The Computer Center has provided IT services for our law firm for many years.  They’ve listened to our business and technology concerns and evaluated our needs.  We even marveled at the fact that you caused both electrical and computer wiring upgrades to be performed at our office with minimal disruption to our business.

Initially, we thought that we might not be able to afford to completely outsource our IT, but we came to realize that, in fact, we could not afford NOT to!

Clair Law is extremely pleased and satisfied that we are now part of your support program and the services provided thereunder have greatly benefited our company, and indirectly, our law office clients.

Ed Thompson Attorney

Top-notch IT Support.  Allows Us to Focus on Billable Hours!

Any law firm in need of top-notch IT support will love working with The Computer Center.  Not only is it like having your own IT department just a phone call away, but they have successfully taken the stress and frustration out of our computer systems.  They’ve practically eliminated our downtime and have allowed us to focus on more billable hours and increasing our productivity.

Chad Pollard Attorney

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