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Dear Law Firm Owners, we understand the importance of keeping your firms secure and your client’s data protected from cyberthreats. With this in mind, we have created three carefully curated security packages designed specifically for law firms like yours. Each package includes premium security products and services that we have extensively used and tested with our small business and law firm clients. Our partnerships with trusted security providers ensure you receive only the best to safeguard your sensitive data. Moreover, our customer service team is available to provide swift and helpful assistance right here in Wisconsin. Take a closer look at our comprehensive protection packages and choose the one that fits your law firm’s unique needs.

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a security package that perfectly balances affordability and effectiveness. Our core security package is ideal for the do-it-yourself law firm and includes the following services:

Sentinel One EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)

Workstation Patch Management Services

Proofpoint Essentials Business Email Protection

Base Monitoring and Limited Remediation

Our SecureFirm Pro Package is tailored for law firms that value cybersecurity. It includes all the features of our SecureFirm Basic Package along with extra layers of protection against cyberthreats for you and your clients. Here’s what you get:

Proofpoint Essentials Advanced Email Protection

NordLayer Business VPN

AI-Powered DNS Web Filtering

LastPass Enterprise License

DUO Multi-Factor Authentication

SecureFirm Sentinel provides a complete cybersecurity solution with advanced threat monitoring, alerting, and reporting features for organizations to protect their data and comply with regulations. It enhances security posture and includes all Basic and Pro package features.

Phishing Simulation and Awareness Training

Monthly Network Scanning

Dark Web Credential Monitoring and Reporting

Proofpoint Essentials Professional Email Protection

Office Protect for Microsoft 365

Dropsuite Office 365 Backup

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If you’re looking for something specific or a custom package, don’t hesitate to ask! Our team will work with you to create a security package tailored to your unique needs.

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Frequently Asked

+What kind of security services does LawyersGeek offer?

LawyersGeek offers a range of security services, including email, network, and data security. We can provide assessments, consulting, implementation, and ongoing monitoring to protect your digital assets.

+ How does the installation process work?

We take care of the installation process remotely, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our team will guide you through the process and ensure that the security measures are implemented correctly and effectively.

+ Is there a setup cost for each of the services?

Yes, setup costs may apply to some of our services, and we can go over these costs during the initial consultation call. We strive to provide upfront and transparent pricing to our clients to ensure they have a clear understanding of the services and costs involved.

+ What is the length of the contract for LawyersGeek's security services?

The default length of a contract is 12 months. However, we understand that each client’s needs may vary, and we can work with you to determine the appropriate length of the contract based on your requirements.

+ What kind of reports can I expect from LawyersGeek's security services?

Depending on the level of service, you may receive several reports each month. For example, our dark web monitoring and credentialing monitoring service provide a report, as do our phishing training and cybersecurity awareness training programs. These reports provide valuable information and insights into potential security threats and our efforts to mitigate them.

+ What should I expect in the initial consultation call with LawyersGeek?

During the consultation call, we will review your current security situation and address any concerns you may have. Based on your specific needs, we will recommend the best package for you or customize a package to fit your requirements. We will also provide information on pricing and the support you can expect from LawyersGeek.

+ Who is The Computer Center?

The Computer Center is an IT company that provides reliable technology services and support to businesses in Wisconsin. It is owned by James Pearson, and all the services and work are performed and billed by his staff and team at The Computer Center.

LawyersGeek is specifically designed to address the unique technology needs of Wisconsin Lawyers. The Computer Center powers it and provides the IT solutions, including cybersecurity, managed services, and cloud computing.

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