We know that technology often stands in the way of being the most efficient and effective law firm you can be. We also understand that not everyone "gets" technology and that this can stand in the way of billable hours and productivity.

That's why our in person and on-demand training programs not only help you and your staff become better at using technology, they also help protect you and your clients data and comply with SCR 20:1.1 comment 8 if you're in Wisconsin or Rule 1.1 comment 8 if you're in Illinois.

Our CLE training classes are pre-approved so you know you aren't wasting your time when you attend one of our classes, whether it's in person or virtually.

As a technology company, we gear this training to topics that help you be more efficient, and productive, increasing your billable hours. Classes are provided by trained professionals and, as always, are pre-approved.

Our training courses offer your firm the following key benefits:

  • On demand, on your time. We know that you're busy and sometimes it's just not realistic for you and your staff to take time out to attend training during the day. That's why we offer several on-demand (pre-recorded) training sessions in a variety of topics.
  • Pre-approved for CLEs. There's no need to guess whether or not you'll get credit for one of our training programs since we do all the work of getting them pre-approved. At the end of each class you'll have a record of your attendance, reference materials for you to keep, and specific instructions on how to find our pre-approved class.
  • Dedicated Training Facility. Our dedicated training facility and video production setup allows us to provide live training, such as for larger group or specialized classes, or to meet CLE requirements. We are also able to live stream video, so you can watch without travelling to our location.
  • Not just for attorneys. Having a product staff is just as important as educating yourself. That's why our training can also be used to train your staff to be more productive. This may include specific classes geared to the software or technology you're already using.
  • Customized training. Needs something specific for your firm? No problem. Let us design a customized training program for you. We can even record it for you and provide some basic editing services. All at a reasonable cost.
  • Earn double credits! Our local training facility allows you the unique opportunity of leveraging your expertise to train your peers and earn double the CLEs! We'll work with you to create your course, market it, and get you credit. And, of course, you'll have access to our on-site facilities, webinar, recording, and live streaming of the event!